Stopping Smoking

You are 4 times more likely to quit smoking with the help of our stop smoking service.

There's Never Been a Better Time to Quit! Quitting can be hard but it’s easier with our specialist support. We can help in lots of different ways depending on your preference , pick and mix what works for you ! 

Thinking about the reasons to quit is a brilliant way to motivate yourself when stopping smoking.

Smoking causes damage to your body and those people around you. As soon as you stop smoking you will start to feel the health benefits after 20 minutes and after 10 years your risk of a heart attack will fall to that of a non-smoker. Watch here to see the benefits of stopping smoking for your health !

Smoking also costs a lot of money. Buying a couple of packs of cigarettes a week might not seem like much but over a year this can easily add up to over £1,000. See how much you could save by quitting smoking , click here !

You may also be thinking about stopping smoking for the health of your family, if you are pregnant or if you are trying for a baby.

We offer telephone supportface to face sessions, and our unique online quit program. You can also find your nearest stop smoking clinic online.

Whatever your situation there is always a good reason to stop smoking.

Quit now!

Breathe 2025 vision is to see the next generation of children born and raised in a place free from tobacco, where smoking is unusual !

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