Healthy Children and Families

We can help the whole family get healthier together .

We know its important for every child to get the best start, families have a lot to juggle and we want to help you find ways to develop healthy eating habits, family meal ideas and fun activities into everyday life.

We run lots of different groups for babies, toddlers, children of all ages and parents including sessions such as Baby Moves, Pizza Picasso, Eat the Rainbow, Mini Olympics, Healthy Food Bingo, Family Meal Ideas, Healthy Lunch Boxes and much more. See below for our latest activities. 

Making changes such as eating well and moving more ,  helps create an amazing foundation for your children as they grow - and you'll feel great too!

Remember if groups are not for you we also provide support on a one to one basis !

"The family now eats 5 portions of fruit and veg per day and cook healthy meals together !"
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Healthy Children and Families groups in Barnsley